24th of June 2019 06:20 PM Link
Albatross - Doubtful Sound

I spent today cruising along Doubtful Sound with @RealJourneys and it was beyond amazing!! We were blessed with a variety of wildlife along the way, including Kea, Weka, Seals and Albatross. This was the first time I have had the pleasure photographing Albatross. It was fun trying to balance with the big waves and capturing these birds.
We also had glass like conditions in a few different spots deeper in the fiord which felt like a dream.

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Sony Alpha Universe #bealpha #AICdoesNewZealand
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23rd of June 2019 08:18 PM Link
Plane Coming Into Land - Queenstown

Last night our group photographed the stars near Queenstown. It was bliss out there. The Milky Way was unbelievable with no clouds to be seen. I shot a few different Milky Way images closser up, but ended up liking the composition with the tree on the right and the plane coming into land. They're the Remarkables on the left.

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#BeAlpha #AICdoesNewZealand #SonyAlpha
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22nd of June 2019 04:00 PM Link
Bird Of The Week - Mohua

Although their population is increasing according to DOC, I have only seen and photographed the Mohua once. I found the Mohua a little frustrating to photograph as this one would fly twenty metres one way or the other as I tried to get closer. It also liked it up high in the canopy which makes for a sore neck having to look up all the time!
They're on our one hundred dollar bills which I didn't realize.
Have you seen a Mohua?

Mohua Charitable Trust
Department of Conservation

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20th of June 2019 05:09 PM Link
A Fiery Sunrise This Morning - Fiordland Lodge

I have to credit Jess for this one. She rang me to let me know how incredibly red the sky was as she arrived for work. She wasn't wrong! I quickly got out of bed, grabbed my camera and headed to Fiordland Lodge!

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Fiordland Lodge
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19th of June 2019 06:31 PM Link
Family Photo Shoots!

Are you looking to update your family album? Or are you looking to get someone the perfect gift? Family photographs like this are priceless.

Here is the Remnant Family at Lake Te Anau today, the late afternoon light in winter is wonderful for photos.

Not many people are aware that you can book me for family portrait shoots. I enjoy photographing people and seeing their smile when the final product is released.

If you book and mention this post I will also give you 10% off.

Go to my website for more details: https://douglasthorne.photo/commercial-photos/
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18th of June 2019 04:46 PM Link
A Golden Bruce Bay Sunrise

I thought this sunrise would almost be a dud for me at this spot yesterday. The sea haze was very thick before the sun came up, I couldn't even see the horizon because of it. After twenty minutes waiting in anticipation, the sun showed up. It created these stunning light rays through the native trees. I was running around trying for different compositions before it passed. During one of my last shots (the horizontal one) I wasn't quite high enough on a tree stump and got my right shoe completely wet from that wave. At least it wasn't my camera!

What image do you like best?

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15th of June 2019 05:16 PM Link
Serenity - Mavora

It was absolutely amazing how calm this tarn was yesterday. Save from a few Paradise duck landings there were no ripples to be seen at all- perfect like a mirror. I think the clouds made for cool patterns in the water too.

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14th of June 2019 05:27 PM Link
Dragons Tail - Mavora

I'm loving the winter season here in Te Anau because I have more free time to pursue my 'photo wishlist'. Here is one of the shots I have been itching to get.

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13th of June 2019 06:14 PM Link
Whimsical Waiau

The light was looking rather nice this afternoon in Te Anau. I went for a little drive to Manapouri to view the scenery. On my way the fog became thick and it wasn't really ideal for photos. I went back to Te Anau and snapped this just before the sunset instead.

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12th of June 2019 05:19 PM Link
Milford Sounds Airstrip

On blue sky days in the summer this is a very busy place with planes coming and going to Queenstown. On misty days like this one however, sometimes there's no planes at all.

After dropping the Southland Times paper off at the control tower and seeing the amazing view from up there of Mitre Peak, I thought I would capture this for a different angle.

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