23rd of April 2018 07:56 PM Link
There are two Rifleman in this image very well camouflaged eating the mushroom. Taken today. I have never seen this before!
Who else is having Mushrooms for dinner? I had some last night 😂
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21st of April 2018 10:03 PM Link
The Aurora Australis again last night earlier on. The colours were really cool at this stage, but we wanted to get away from the clouds. When we moved the colours of the aurora turned to the greenish yellow from my previous post.
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21st of April 2018 12:54 AM Link
Tonight's Aurora! Awesome to finally see one again with friends. It has been almost year since the massive one at Tunnel beach. This was taken near Manapouri.
Mount Titiroa on the right.
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19th of April 2018 06:58 PM Link
I was greeted with this Kea up Gertrude Saddle earlier this summer. I don't think there is a better reward after walking up!
That is Milford Sound in the back ground.
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18th of April 2018 06:55 PM Link
The Devil's Staircase around Lake Wakatipu. I've never seen it from this angle. So much beautiful farm area up on the right. I love how blue the water is too.

Where do you think I should take my drone next? (Somewhere legal of course)!
#queenstownholidays #Queenstown
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12th of April 2018 09:07 PM Link
Winter is upon us here in Te Anau. The nights are cooling down, and there seems to be less tourists around town. This was tonight's sunset just before all colour disappeared.

Does anyone know the names of those mythological looking peaks in the distance?

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10th of April 2018 06:01 PM Link
The Riverton landscape. I finally got the drone up and running briefly before the rain came. This area is stunning! If you look in the distance that's where I went for a nature walk a couple of weeks back (Part of Mores scenic track). It would be ideal landscape to keep flying the drone over too!

Whats you're favourite coastal area in New Zealand?
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8th of April 2018 09:05 PM Link
Jess and I went for a fun road trip today around the southern scenic route. The weather certainly took a turn for the worst but it sort of cleared up for the sunset. This image appears to be before the sunset but it was actually getting rather dark. The only color seen was from those purple flowers!

Invercargill, New Zealand #Invercargill
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27th of March 2018 08:23 PM Link
A Whio photobombing at Giants Gate waterfall on the Milford Track. This was totally unexpected to see here at the waterfall. It ended up just sitting here almost going to sleep! The concerning thing was, most of the trampers were not even noticing and walking right past!

Do you think it came here to see the amazing waterfall? 😂

Feel free to share

Department of Conservation - Fiordland
100% Pure New Zealand
New Zealand Birds Online
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26th of March 2018 08:57 PM Link
I got lucky with this female Bellbird today. It was so fast ducking from berry to berry. Luckily I already had the right settings from previous Rifleman earlier on.

Feel free to share!
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