12th of December 2018 04:04 PM Link
The last rays of the sun - Milford Sound

I don't get over to Milford Sound for many sunsets as I am mainly there in the day. This one here was particularly mesmerizing, taken over three years ago in the winter. The Paradise Duck's seem to align in the image nicely too.

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11th of December 2018 02:56 PM Link
Looking down Milford Sound

What an adventure to get up here!
This may have been the toughest two hours climbing up Fiordland forest I have experienced. I knew the light wasn't hanging around long either which made me walk faster and keep pushing! Normally I take it easy and carry a lot of Photography equipment. But this time I was travelling light.

The view made it all worth it.

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10th of December 2018 04:06 PM Link
It's been very cool getting some of my photos printed large and framed. These ones are in the nice new units of the Red Tussock Motel in Te Anau. I think they look amazing in them too. Thanks Irene for making this happen.

If you are wanting some done please give me a message! 😃

Sorry about the calendars guy's, I have been too busy and wouldn't have been able to do the best I could.
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7th of December 2018 04:57 PM Link
The most colourful bird in Fiordland

One of my favourite Kea shots to date that I have taken.

I know people will think I have photoshopped this Kea in the image, but I haven't. It is complete luck capturing birds in flight. But, if you set your camera up right and wait for the right moment you can get lucky.

Sony a7rii
tamron 28-70mm @ f~2.8
1/4000 second shutter
ISO 640

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#kea #fiordland #milfordsound
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5th of December 2018 04:35 PM Link
Chasm - Fiordland

Taken on a nice wet day. The rain makes everything look so lush!

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4th of December 2018 06:22 PM Link
Harakeke - Milford Sound

The Lady Bowen falls in the back ground. It took me a while to figure out which photo I liked more, the flax in focus or this one with it blurred. What do you think?
#fiordland #nz #milfordsound
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3rd of December 2018 07:50 PM Link
The Valley into Milford

Milfords not moving anywhere, what's the rush?
I had a very scary and disturbing moment today when a rental car overtook my bus and another camper around completely blind corners of lake gunn. It was utter luck no one was coming the other way.

Stay safe out there folks!
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29th of November 2018 05:24 PM Link
Mostly Peaceful Fiordland

Taken at lake Gunn the other day. The lake was incredibly calm- not a single ripple. I had taken half a dozen shots to find this composition and then a bright orange van showed up. Just as I took the picture, a nature guide skimmed a stone into the lake creating the three ripples. I wasn't too impressed, but to be honest, it actually adds to the image! 😅 What do you think Go Orange?

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#fiordland #lakegunn
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28th of November 2018 07:46 PM Link
It looks pretty cold Billy!

What a day I had today. I had the privilege of taking a couple of clients up the Milford road on a photography specific day. The guy had more cameras than one could hold with three hands! They really wanted to see the Kea and other wildlife. I wasn't getting hopeful at Millford as we hadn't seen anything on the way there. I was thinking what terrible luck we were having. I have seen the Kea every other day up there.
I finally found a couple of Kea on the way back at the last spot they are known to visit. I was clapping! We got some great shots too! After that we were just ticking off bird after bird. We ended up spotting one Blue duck in a place I had never seen before! Almost seconds later we saw these two Chamois along the river.
I have never ever seen Chamois down in the bush and I was lucky I had the telephoto lens at the ready.

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27th of November 2018 03:43 PM Link
Kea on top of Mt Luxmore - Fiordland

I have about a weeks work of photography to look through. But before I do, I thought I would post this Kea.

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